Dear Colleague,

At Sonigara, we pledge to commit our efforts towards sustainable development of our company which will directly impact the growth of our customers. As our customers progress with us, together we will have a positive impact on the progress of the community. By continuously moving forward in this direction one day we will build a country that has a sustainable future.

Honesty, integrity and quality define the business of Sonigara. We are living in a world where trust is the most expensive thing today which takes years to earn and only a few seconds to lose.

Sonigara is a business that is built on trust and holds a high reputation in the market due to its ability to retain the confidence of all stakeholders be it, customers, partners, suppliers, employees or investors.And now the onus lies on each one of us to maintain and strengthen this positive reputation that is a result of over half a century long of hard work and integrity.

As an entity our highest aim should be to show utmost respect towards our constitution and maintain the decorum of our country. We must act with integrity and honesty in all situations and maintain high ethical standards.

Preserving the environment and taking initiatives to develop the community should be considered as an important corporate social responsibility.

Through innovation and continuous improvement we must strive to set industry benchmarks and exceed customer expectations.

Lastly, I know that we all want to do what is right and so I see this code of conduct along with other company policies as a manual that you could fall back on whenever you are in any kind of doubt. Being good helps you do good business and I hope that this association with Sonigara helps you become a responsible corporate citizen.

Mr. D. K. Sonigara

Our corporate culture is based on a set of core values that we refer to as FAMILY, which represents the attributes of Fromulate, Aim, Motivate, Integrate, Lead and Yield. It is this shared set of values that fosters the strong culture of collaboration and innovation that consistently helps Sonigara attract the best talent. Being a part of Sonigara family means that you are a part of something wonderful where everyone grows in different directions with their roots in common soil.

We are a family run business and believe that family is not an important thing, but everything. Thus, our core values are embedded in the acronym on F-A-M-I-L-Y.
Formulate - Formulate an action plan for every strategy
Aim – Aim for the highest, aim for quality, aim for inclusive growth
Motivate – Motivate yourself and the people around you
Integrate – Integrate ideas and efforts and work collaboratively as a team
Lead – Lead by example
Yield – Yield positive results and desired outcomes.

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